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GangLiON Art - Sculptura, bijou, torbe handmade - Polymer Clay Sculpture, Eco bags 

How to buy

Choose the product you like, then write me on ganglionu@yahoo.com to discuss the details.
If the unit you want is sold, it can be made on demand. The order is ready in 2 days (for the bags - 4 days).

Alegi produsul care iti place, apoi imi scrii pe ganglionu@yahoo.com sa discutam detaliile. In cazul in care produsul nu este in stoc, el poate fi facut la comanda timp de 2-4 zile. Daca esti din Chisinau, fixam o intilnire si iti dau comanda.

How to pay

If you are from Republic of Moldova, we make an appointment and meet in the center of the Chisinau city to 
give you the order. In this case you will pay cash.

If you are from Europe, you may receive my products by post as package. It will arrive to you in 7-10 days, 
depending on the distance. You may pay through any money transfer, such as Western Union or bank transfer. 
When I receive the payment, I send you the products. My impeccable reputation will serve as a guarantee in this process.

How much?

   Sculpture                                             Bags             Umbrellas
  4-5 cm hight - 7-9 Euro                        12 Euro             23 Euro
  8-10 cm hight - 10-12 Euro
   Bijou                                                    Mirrors
  earrings - 6-8 Euro                                22 Euro
  pendants - 9 Euro

The price for shipping is 6-10 Euro depending on the distance and the weight of the parcel.



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